Saturday, May 24, 2014

Return of the Ideas (6 for now)

I felt I over extended myself on the last one, so I'm going to try and set the bar lower but instead of 5 here are 6.

1. The Lone Space Ranger: A simple retelling of the exploits of the Lone Ranger set in the far flung future of space travel. The Final Frontier has finally hit its stride, but where there is great progress there are those who intend to take what is not theirs. Who will stand against these bandits and their ill gotten gains? A masked man with a ship called The Silver Stallion and his crew of fellow vigilante's that's who! (Crew members: Zorro, Green Hornet, Kato, Miss Fury, and the Green Llama as well as Tonto)

2. Solomon Kane the Game: A game based on the Solomon Kane series.

3. Exorcist the Game: There is evil in the world, and that evil seeks souls to devour. You take the cases that few would believe aren't a modern horror movie premise and perhaps you will be able to save the souls that need you the most.

4. The King's Gambit: You are the bastard child of the king, and though you are not the first in line for the throne your father has declared that whoever survives the trials will be declared the new ruler of the lands. Make alliances with your family, disrupt those that would abuse the power that could be granted, and perhaps bring a golden age for your people.

5. The Dimensional Negotiator: Every dimension has it's qualms and it is up to you to make sure there is balance between them. Help various deities, monsters, and rulers spanning across dimensions to negotiate various treaties and laws to keep their worlds separate or working together.

6. Dinosaur Rancher: Dinosaurs have returned and they are big business. For years your family has been raising various breeds of herbivore, omnivore, and carnivore. Now it's time for you to learn the ropes and take on the family business of ranching Dinosaurs.

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