Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Another 10 Ideas

So lets go over it one more time: Ten Story Ideas. Some might be good, all might suck, but it's going to be ten ideas to get my creative juices going.

1. Dragons want to snuggle: a children's story about dragons looking to make friends with other creatures.

2. Sleep of the Damned: The murder of a high-ranking official on earth has caught the attention of those who rule hell.

3. Flight of the Maji: A comedy involving the three Maji from the Bible.

4. The Nightmares of Dryads: Progress, it comes at a high cost. Those who live in ancient lands guarded by the wards of their ancestor's magic, it seems that the progress of humans might cost them everything.

5. Kings of Space America: The space race has finally had a victor, and it was the greatest nation on Earth. However with new territory, comes new rules.

6. Magic on Jupiter: Magic has finally been discovered by Humanity...and the greatest concentration of it is on the planet Jupiter and it's moons.

7. Olympus, Asgard, and My Apartment: The apartment of Nikola Johan was a nice packaged deal. Two bedrooms, a stylish kitchen, and a spacious living room; all for a wonderful price. There was a catch that seemed ludicrous: The closet is a doorway to the mythical kingdoms of the old gods.

8. A Minotaur Named Joe: The Minotaur race has always been the go to for grunts and brutes. Joe just wants to be a wizard.

9. The Star of Dreams: A stone, a farmer, and a page.

10. Tarot Knights: Each aspect of the Tarot is a pillar of the world. These are the tales of the ones who protect those pillars.

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