Thursday, May 1, 2014

An Exercise

Right now I'm going to do a quick writing exercise: Come up with five ideas and their descriptions. So nothing huge here and not all of these are going to be good. My goal with this is to slowly work my way to ten ideas.

1. Sherlock Holmes vs. Cthulhu
-A string of murders has occult over tones and the great Sherlock Holmes has taken on the case. What follows is a decent into Holmes own personal demons as he digs deeper into his findings.

2. Dragons vs. Fighter Pilots
-Dragons have finally awoken, and they wish to start taking back what they believe is rightfully theirs: humanity. They allowed us to breed in hopes of revitalizing their food population, and we have given them exactly what they wanted. Now an elite group of pilots known as "Dragoons" and their jets are our only hope in keeping humanity off the menu and back on top of the food chain.

3. Demon/Dark Souls Pirates
-The sea is a harsh mistress, and in a world where there is little hope on land the sea's cruelties seem more like blessings. While gold and jewels are nice, true plunder for you and your crew are souls. Survival is more important and all that dwell in and on the sea are considered prey. However the horrors on the land have family in the depths of the ocean.

4. Space Vikings
-The cold, harsh planets of your people can not sustain your population. You have traded what you can, you have built what you need, but it is not enough. Other more peaceful planets prosper, their populations get fat, and become weak. Perhaps it is time to "liberate" their worlds and give your people a better future.

5. Kinkaid Nightmares
-What if Thomas Kinkaid's paintings held something? Something much darker that is slowly creeping back into our world. Find the original Kinkaid paintings and restore them...before whatever comes out plagues our world.

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