Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Silent Hill Fanfic

  I had to see it for myself to believe it. I never get out much in my life but when I got the brochure to the place I thought it was a well thought out joke. Hell I thought it was some Halloween themed party that was being done by my friends. Worse is when I got an email, then a Facebook suggestion, and finally I went to look up the site itself: Silent Hill. I still was skeptical, someone was probably doing a really well done Halloween prank. Silent Hill couldn’t exist, it’s just a place in a well done video games series that’s steeped in symbolism. Granted it’s had a movie that was terrible as well as an insult to the actual series and some comics about it, most weren’t very good at all and had missed the whole point of what the town along with it’s inhabitants are supposed to be. Yet I just had to go there, something in the back of my mind or deep down in my gut just kept telling me to do it. What was funny and weird was just the location: Kansas. No seriously I couldn’t believe it either at first; Silent Hill, Kansas. Next thing I’ll see is the Necronomicon from the “Evil Dead” series being in a museum located on “Elm Street” where there is a bar called “Mike Myer’s Grill” and next to it is “Jason’s Hockey Emporium”. I need to stop over thinking these things, especially to just get a point across. In all seriousness though, I needed to get away from my usual stomping grounds. I don’t know why I just didn’t go to Japan or Great Britain though, it’s not like I don’t make enough for a nice vacation. Oh wait that’s right, I’d be trying to find someone to replace her. She meant everything to me and she knew it. She knew I wanted to be with her for the rest of my life and that I would have done everything in my power to keep her happy. In the end though she didn’t feel that way about me, and in all honesty who could blame her? Who would want an overweight, over dramatic, and all around depressing guy like me? She said all I had to do was just change but I couldn’t do it. I tried, but I just couldn’t bring myself to go through with it. What did she know though, she wasn’t there when the accident happened. No everyone tells you it was an accident, you just don’t want to take on all the blame for it. I could have saved the kid, I just wasn’t fast enough. He didn’t deserve to die that way, no one deserves to die that way. Stop it David, your just bringing in the negative thoughts because you haven’t taken your meds today. David opened the glove compartment of his rental car revealing the pill box. It was Tuesday at nine in the morning, normally he’d be sleeping in bed waiting to wake up next to her. Her scent was always wonderful, smelling of lavender and roses on her red hair. Neither of them would have to work on Tuesdays normally which made it a great day to just be lazy in bed and watch a movie or two from their collection or from Netflicks. There was no rush, their roommates would either go to class or go to work. Stop day dreaming, you are on vacation and you’re going to find a way to enjoy yourself without her. When you get back you’ll handle everything then, she’ll have moved in back with either her family or other friends and you’ll not have to see her again. Still “Silent Hill” was probably one of your dumber plans of getting away. He sighed and started the car again driving into town. The weather report said it was going to snow apparently, which made him smile a bit. Odd coincidence or just God being funny by messing with his head; probably both knowing his luck. He liked snow though; when heavy would snow fall or a blizzard was done it was nice to see the entire neighborhood covered in pure white. Everything was quiet and serene, like the world was asleep in a blanket of white and spring would awaken it once again when the snow melt. Everything would be greener and the flowers would bloom. Roses would blossom around the house, she loved roses and always enjoyed plucking the wild ones. Everything goes back to her, you really are pathetic. 

  They had left three white roses on the boy’s grave after the funeral. David was invited because of his effort to try and save the boy. He wished that it was an insult from the parents, that they were rubbing his failure in his face. It wasn’t his fault everyone kept telling him, he did what he could to save the boy. He hated hearing that, of course it was his fault he was the one that didn’t react fast enough. He was supposed to keep the kids in line at the park, they were supposed to stick with their buddies, they weren’t supposed to go off with anyone they didn’t know or to even leave the group. Boys will be boys they said; of course kids will go anywhere they were told not to go to. The screams though; those screams he heard still haunted him. Stop it! Your going back down that road again. Just stop thinking about it and keep your eyes on the road!  “Oh shit!” David shouted as he hit the breaks. He wasn’t fast enough though; his victim was knocked into the air a few inches and a loud enough thud was heard as they landed on the car. David stopped the car and rushed out. “No, please no, please be alive and not critically injured or in a mood to sue me!” He helped the man off the car as he said this. “Ouch, that’s what I get for walking in the middle of the road huh?” The man said dusting himself off. “Your okay?!” was all David could say as the old man smiled at him. He looked to be in his late sixties or early seventies, which David still couldn’t believe that the man appeared to be uninjured. “Of course I’m ok, you weren’t going at high speeds like most of the young folk around here, and I just said it was my fault for walking in the middle of the road in the middle of the day.” David wasn’t sure if he should be recording what he just heard or hug the old man. “Well if your really ok then could you answer me a question?” “Shoot.” “Where is everyone else?” He hadn’t noticed until he had gotten out of the car. The town seemed empty, shops had their lights out, the dinner looked closed, and there wasn’t a single other person outside other than him and the old man. “Oh most folks have left town on holiday for a while.” David stared at him dumbfounded. It was the middle of January, sure he was on vacation because of his status as a substitute and for apparent mental health reasons, but every other town was full of people living busy lives. Well it is a small town and they probably aren’t the only ones in the country to go on vacation and leave most of the town desolate. “Well where are you headed to…Uh what is your name?” “Just call me Jerry and I’m on my way to that dinner over there. My brother Richard and I run the place, and it’s my turn to open today.” “But why bother opening if there is practically no one here?” “You’re not the only traveler to pass through Silent Hill. Some people are bound to be hungry when they come around.” Jerry said with a nice smile. “True enough. Well would you mind if I was your first customer of the day?” David said smiling back. “Of course and you wouldn’t mind if I raised the price a bit as a small bribe to keep an old man from pursuing legal matters for getting hit by a car being driven by a distracted driver?” David laughed nervously for a bit. “Not at all actually, I’m starving.” “You can park just about anywhere on the side of the street, no one will care really.” David parked near a fire hydrant, he might as well test his luck with the law anyways. As he stepped out of the car he stood still for a minute, hearing a whisper from some distant entity, or what he believed was probably the wind. He heard his name, the name of the student, and Melissa’s name, but he shook his head with disbelief. Your letting the stories get to you. Just have something nice to eat and go about the rest of your vacation. Just wanted to get myself away from all the nightmares, all the demons that haunt me.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Short stories by me

I'm going to put up some of my own short stories, so of course any followers I have are welcome to read them. Obviously their not going to be perfect due to the way blogger acts with Microsoft Word. Don't expect it to be any good either, but hey some people might actually like what I write, who knows.